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Dentistry and dental implantation

The private sector of the Ukrainian medicine has been ready for inbound medical tourism for quite some time now.

Dentistry, aesthetic surgery and some other areas are those areas, where it is allowed to work privately.

We have many professionals, who are not inferior to the level of competence possessing by colleagues from Europe and America.

Ihor Bilous Clinic offers some high quality services in the following areas:

  • Dentistry
  • Hair transplantation

Our MDs regularly attend career development courses, various trainings, and acquaint with innovative working technologies, the latest world developments in the field of dentistry and the hair transplantation.

The clinic is equipped with X-RAY Apparatus Yoshida Dentnavi radiovisiograph, a Leica microscope and other modern equipment allowing us to perform our work perfectly well.

There is a separate children’s room with the original installation. During the manipulations, children, sitting in a dental chair in the form of the dragon, can watch cartoons and contemplate a large toy-cat friendly wagging its head. Our little patients really like it.

One of our polyclinics is located in the picturesque urban type settlement of Manevichi, Volyn region, which is 95 km away from the border with Poland. The urban type settlement is surrounded by a pine forest full of much clean and healthy air. There is a cheap and tidy hotel.

Another clinic provides dental services in the city of Lviv. In this city, you can combine the sightseeing trips along the wonderful streets, cafes, theaters, and other places of interests with medical affairs.

Hair transplant

Any baldness is a problem affecting both men and women, but the first group is the vast majority. Fortunately, the modern aesthetic medicine eliminates the effect of any baldness in full. Modern techniques of hair transplantation are becoming more effective and less invasive. We present solutions helping fight against any baldness.

The hair transplantation is a procedure that involves hair follicles removing from the occipital area and transplanting them into another part of the body – the scalp, beard, chest, eyebrows and eyelashes. The transplantation is a great way to tighten hair permanently and to refuse synthetic replacements, such as wigs and so on. It is carried out under the local anesthesia, due to which the procedure is painless, and after the operation, you can return to daily pursuits. The healing process after the transplantation usually lasts about 7-14 days.


The FUE hair transplant technique stands for the Follicular Unit Extraction.

Thanks to this technique, hair grafts for the transplantation are released individually from the entire occipital area or from the body.

The doctor receives each graft for the transplant using a special device. The work is very painstaking, but the result is no traces and scars!

Within a week after the transplantation, small round wounds, which initially look like red spots, heal and become invisible.

Laser hair grower


HairMax is one of the few medications certified for personal at-home use that can stop any baldness and can stimulate the hair growth in men and women.

HairMax covers the scalp with some nourishing laser light, which gives some energy to the hair follicles, resulting in the NEW HAIR growth.

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration of the USA) has clinically proved the positive effect of some laser light in HairMax devices on the hair growth.

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